Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 23.10.2020
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Release Date Oct 23, 2020
Genre Death Metal
Color Black
Packaging tba
Number 1


Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl!

Long overdue vinyl issue of a killer album. Sweden’s Sarcasm once again proves these guys are one of the leaders of melodic Death Metal!

Sarcasm has had a storied career. Originally formed in Sweden in 1987, Sarcasm would release blistering Death Metal throughout the early and mid-90’s. After a short-lived reunion in 1997, they would come back into the fold in 2015 with a new re-designed version of their lineup.They return with their new full-length album “Esoteric Tales of the Unserene”.


1. Vortex of the Vultures
2. Parochial Past Resonates
3. Flesh Was Carved Out from Seven Faces of God
4. Flawless Anomalies
5. Revolution of Consciousness
6. Realm of Shadowless Existence
7. Celestial Nights
8. The Great Calm Embraced