Servants Of Sorcery - WHITE Vinyl

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Release: 10.11.2023
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Release Date Nov 10, 2023
Genre Black Metal
Color White
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Remastered
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Number 1


Stian Tomt Thoresen, better known as Shagrath is known to the metal world as the singer and co-founder of Dimmu Borgir.

However, Shagrath was already active before his time with Dimmu Borgir. From 1992 to 1994 the band Fimbulwinter existed. With "Servants Of Sorcery" the only album of the band was released in 1994 on which besides Shagrath also Necronos and Skoll (Acturus) were involved.

The album will be released in autumn 2023 as a remastered CD and vinyl reissue.


1. Intro: Call from the Dark Side
2. When the Fire Leaps from the Ash Mountain
3. Servants of Sorcery
4. Black Metal Storm
5. Fimbulwinter Sacrifice
6. Roaring Hellfire
7. Lucified
8. The Watchtower (Darkthrone cover)
9. Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost cover)
10. Winter Solstice