Garden Of Darkness - Digipak CD

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Release: 14.07.2023
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Release Date Jul 14, 2023
Genre Doom Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


Tristitia blends Gloomy Darkness into classic Doom Metal like no has done before... or after.

On Garden of Darkness, the Swedes are once again celebrating a doom death variant characterized by deep dreariness and sacred gloom. The organ intro seems to drag you straight into the depths of black metal hell, but this depth becomes peaceful in the end where an acoustic guitarist plays to anoint your wounds with serenity.

They do not always go to work ultraheavy, but also rely on fragile-looking melodies carried by acoustic guitars, which break to light like delicate plants through the few gaps in the monumental overall sound. The songs itself are of a heartbreaking beauty and breath a great doom feeling. However, Garden of Darkness is dominated by Doom of the more viscous variety, which should appeal to all those for whom My Dying Bride still sounds much too cheerful.

Sad music can be so beautiful: a deep darkness to drown in!



1. The Entrance
2. Path I. Beholder’s Tears
3. Path II. Black Godz Serenade - Part I
4. Path III. As Death Says Mine
5. Path IV. When Tears Cry
6. Path V. Beyond the 7th Valley
7. Path VI. There will Never be Another Dawn
8. Path VII. Black Godz Serenade - Part II
9. Path VIII. Tears of the Moon