Give Us Life - PURPLE BLACK Marbled Vinyl

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Release: 16.07.2021
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Release Date Jul 16, 2021
Genre Thrash Metal
Color Marbled
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Number 1


Purple Black Marbled Vinyl limited to 300 copies.


The thrill that world-class thrash generates is something incomparable, and hardly anyone upholds the spirit and sound of the genre in such an infectious way as Berlin's Space Chasers. The band now returns for their tenth anniversary with their third album Give Us Life, confirming their importance to the scene. "We play contemporary thrash metal, if you want to call it that, and while we still work with elements of the 'old school' that everyone loves, we also try to incorporate some of the influences that we expose ourselves to. This kind of music has evolved a lot during the last decade, which of course hasn't passed us by. Nevertheless, what we do is still thrash, only that we hope to bring it a little more convincingly into 2021."

The band felt pressure in the five years that have dragged on since its second record, 2016's Dead Sun Rising, but that only led to it improving. She was dissatisfied with the demos she initially honed, and appreciated the added maturity that comes over such an extended period of time. This gave her the confidence to take the next step. "When you put out as little as we did, it creeps up on you that you have something to prove, both to yourself and to the fans and everyone who has already written you off. We really discarded all the material and wrote completely new. Seriously, only a handful of riffs probably survived and ended up on the new album." Space Chaser had precise sonic vision: the music should be more sinister and brutal than before, and now they were finally ready to implement it accordingly. "Probably some people are wondering about the death metal parts in some songs. They harmonize splendidly with our thrashy sound of the thrashy voice of our singer Siggi. We have less sing-along parts than before, and the production has turned out much richer, rougher, which is why the guitar on Dead Sun Rising sound almost tame compared to our new stuff." Of course, as a combo with time-honored sound aesthetics, it can be difficult to give the music an unused, original touch, which the band was aware of, so they took it upon themselves not to compose a rip-off of something that had already been done. "We refrain from methods à la 'let's write a pure thrash song' and prefer to let everything come to us, even if it doesn't seem to suit us at the first moment. We play thrash because it's our favorite style, but we also listen to a lot of death metal, hardcore and punk, which logically find their way into our songs."


Give Us Life:

01. Remnants of Technology

02. Juggernaut

03. Cryoshock

04. A.O.A.

05. The Immortals

06. Signals

07. Burn Them All

08. Give Us Life

09. Antidote to Order

10. Dark Descent