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Release: 29.07.2016
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Release Date Jul 29, 2016
Genre Rock


4 Page Digipak

Grain Of Soul
– the fourth full length album by the riff-laden German rock fourpiece Zodiac, is their most graciously focused effort to date, between the obscenely relaxed desert guitar sounds and melodies bigger than the horizon, Zodiac have triumphed upon their return.  Recorded, mixed, and produced by Arne Neurand (Guano Apes, etc.) at Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, and mastered by Grammy Award winning Jean-Pierre Chalbos (Gojira, etc) at La Source Mastering in Paris, the backdrop for this mature rock manifesto flirts heavily within the multiple genres of hard rock, from stoner, to grunge, to alternative, Grain Of  Soul ultimately succumbs to one thing only: a timeless collection of songs from a band that seem to have found their ultimate artistic freedom.

A classic rock manifesto with a timeless collection of songs!


1 Rebirth By Fire
2 Animal
3 Follow You
4 Down
5 Faithless
6 Crow
7 Ain’t Coming Back
8 Get Out
9 Like The Sun
10 Sinner
11 Grain Of Soul