Urfader - Digipak CD

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Release: 25.11.2022
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Release Date Nov 25, 2022
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


Fourth album of the Swedish folk metallers from GRIMNER.

Weaving their roots and influences from Swedish death metal and their love for heavy and power metal with enchanting folk melodies and pagan choirs, they once again create their unique sound - sung, as always, in their native language, Swedish. The crisp and fresh new sound of this album makes you realize what Grimner is all about. Thrashy guitar riffs, a mix of powerful clean and harsh vocals, pounding drums mixed with beautiful and distinct flutes and other folk instruments create an atmosphere that fits the stories of the old Norse gods and folklore alike.


1. Hämtad av valkyrior
2. Där fröet skall spira
3. Västerled
4. Ulvhednars natt
5. Ur vågorna
6. Helvandrarna
7. Elftevisan
8. Glöd
9. Ivaldes söner
10. En sista sköldborg
11. Tiundaland