Hell Is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here (RI) - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 13.08.2021
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Release Date Aug 13, 2021
Genre Black Metal
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


After two ANAAL NATRHAKH releases have already been re-released in June 2021 with "The Codex Necro" and "Total Fucking Necro", it's now time for the next round:

"When Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has Sown" from 2003 and "Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here" from 2007 will be released in August via Metal Blade Records as reissues on CD and various LP editions.


1. Solifugae
2. Der Hölle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen
3. Screaming of the Unborn
4. Virus Bomb
5. The Final Absolution
6. Shatter the Empyrean
7. Lama Sabachthani
8. Until the World Stops Turning
9. Genetic Noose
10. Sanction Extremis (Kill Them All)
11. Castigation and Betryal