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Release: 07.04.2003
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Release Date Apr 7, 2003
Genre Medieval
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As if they'd come out of a time machine: they are the ministrels of the Medieval and bring to us the music of long forgotten times.

This time, Saltatio Mortis recorded their third album, "Heptessenz" completely without electronically equipped instruments.
The result is an album of fascinating mysticism and depth: it combines melancholic poetry and happy dance music.
For 47 minutes, we are carried off into the world of Medieval fairs, and the music of Saltatio Mortis is so picturesque that it creates a world in front of your inner eyes.
The seven musicians have gathered only originals for "Heptessenz", completely recorded on originally historical instruments.

That this music hundreds of years of nevertheless is so accessible proves the class of the musicians -
as well as the fact how much fascination this music still has today.

An album like a time travel.


01. Der Merseburger Zauberspruch
02. Heptessenz
03. Theophanus Tanz
04. Dessous le Pont de Nantes
05. Cantiga Alhambra
06. Danza del Rey
07. A Madre
08. Veitstanz
09. Chaperon Rouge
10. Welscher Weibertanz
11. Palästinalied (Via Infernale)
12. Valete