Hermeticum - MARBLED Vinyl

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Release: 08.01.2021
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Release Date Jan 8, 2021
Genre Black Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


Rerelease by Alma Mater Records as marbled vinyl in gatefold cover with upgraded artwork and lyrics of all songs recovered from the author himself.

Back in the years of 1997, 1998 E.V., Langsuyar (Moonspell's Fernando Ribeiro BLACK METAL alter ego), invoked
his most occult ghosts and hermetic studies, to perform a last ritual.

The result was an amazing conjuration of pure demonic force and bestial elegance that became HERMETICUM,
the one-off album by DAEMONARCH.

HERMETICUM has been out of print and sold out for too long now, and this reissue brings back all the dark
ritualistic vibes that once possessed the life and the work of Langsuyar (Fernando Ribeiro).


1. Lex Talionis
2. Of A Thousand Young
3. Corpus Hermeticum
4. Call From The Grave
5. Samyaza
6. Nine Angles
7. Incubus
8. The Seventh Dæmonarch
9. Hymn To Lucifer