Homo Homini Lupus / Digipak CD

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Release: 21.04.2017
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Release Date Apr 21, 2017
Genre Black Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


The human being is still the worst beast of prey.

This idea was one of Marius Berendsen's inspiring thoughts, as he started sketching the first notes for his new project MALLEVS MALEFICARVM in 2011. At this time, not much hinted at the ten-track debut album that is now unleashed into the world on April 21, as initially, the young musician from Bocholt had only one plan in mind: He wanted to play the music that he always loved and admired, nothing more. But over a five-year long period of intensive work and and painful metamorphosis, the one-man-project grew into the infernal witch hammer that now freshly inked a contract with NoiseArt Records. In the meantime, not only Robert "Robse" Dahn - the vocal force of Bavaria's epic folk titans EQUILIBRIUM - was accepted as a full member behind the microphone, but also Schmied from MOR DAGOR and the Finn Vesa Salovaara from VORNA had joined the band and together they are now ready to pulverise the stages of Europe.

Their debut album "Homo Homini Lupus", forged over a process of five years, delivers a melodic yet raging black metal sound mixed with dirty rock elements and a pinch of melancholy and is therefore not only suited for fans of brutal extremes but also provides catchy moments that instantly capture the listener. The transition from stomping anthems with English lyrics to tracks with German poetry is fluent and just as universal are the topics of MALLEVS MALEFICARVM's songs: While "Sieben Sonnen" and "Under The Red Skies" deals with nature and humankind's devastating impact, "Der Widerchrist" and "He Shall Bring No Light" approaches religion and the consequences of a theistic society

With Robses's razor-sharp vocals, the fast-paced riffs, and a melancholic counter-weight, MALLEVS MALEFICARVM emerges as a new and modern Black Metal pounder. And with additional guest vocals from EXHATE's Dirk Weiß and THYRGRIM's “Cain” as well as the striking cover design from Wotan milk artwork artist Zino Loreth, “Homo Homini Lupus” emerges from its chrysalis as a truly monumental debut release.


01. Homo Homini Lupus
02. Der Widerchrist
03. Under The Red Skies
04. A Blaze at Dawn
05. He shall bring no light
06. Event Horizon
07. Sieben Sonnen
08. War
09. Tragedy and triumph
10. Mors Ultima Ratio