Ihsahn - Orchestral Version - Mediabook CD

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Release: 16.02.2024
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Release Date Feb 16, 2024
Genre Black Metal, Extreme Metal, Prog Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Mediabook
Number 1


Limited mediabook CD.

6 long years passed before the last Ihsahn Studio Ablum "Amr" was released in 2018.

With his self-titled new album, Ishahn once again dives into his very own world of experimental and progressive sound.

A musical treat no matter which is your favourite metal genre.

Emperor frontman Ihsahn has come up with something special for his self-titled solo album, which will be released in 2024.

In addition to the regular version of the album, an orchestral version will also be released.


1. Cervus Venator (Orchestral Version) 
2. The Promethean Spark (Orchestral Version) 
3. Pilgrimage To Oblivion (Orchestral Version) 
4. Twice Born (Orchestral Version) 
5. A Taste Of The Ambrosia (Orchestral Version) 
6. Anima Extraneae (Orchestral Version) 
7. Blood Trails To Love (Orchestral Version) 
8. Hubris And Blue Devils (Orchestral Version) 
9. The Distance Between Us (Orchestral Version) 
10. At The Heart Of All Things Broken (Orchestral Version) 
11. Sonata Profana (Orchestral Version)