Ecdysis - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 07.01.2022
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Release Date Jan 7, 2022
Genre Prog Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


Black Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

"Since forming in 2008, Moldovan progressive modern metal unit INFECTED RAIN have become one of the most exciting new acts in the heavy music world, with multi-talented frontwoman Lena Scissorhands emerging as one of the fastest-rising leading ladies of the genre. Now, after amassing a slew of new fans since the release of their acclaimed 2019 album, Endorphin, the band redefine themselves with its highly anticipated follow up – the futuristic rebirth, Ecdysis. The album electrifies with resonating riffs, cosmic electronics, Lena’s treasure trove of vocal abilities and intense lyrical themes ranging from depression and abandonment to embracing reality – showcasing the band’s metamorphosis while blending extreme, progressive groove with dark, haunting melody.

First single “Postmortem Pt 1” dispenses the patented INFECTED RAIN formula instantly, with eerie synth-laden soundscapes seamlessly cascading into countless layers of otherworldly atmosphere backed by thick, grooving riffs, barreling drums and skyscraper growls. Tracks like “Fighter” bring out the ruthlessness of the band in full force with hardcore levels of aggression, inciting a tornado of rhythms and provoking lyricism beckoning the listener to stay focused in the here-and-now and fight! Featuring tough-as-nails Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd, sonically slaughtering single “The Realm Of Chaos” pummels and bends as it decimates with a mosh-attack unlike any other on Ecdysis. Noteworthy standouts like “Longing” and “These Walls” ransack with instant angst while showcasing some of the most varying guitar work on Ecdysis – fluxing between churning grooves, towering leads, technical effects and ominous chords – while selections such as “Everlasting Lethargy”, “November” and “Never The Same” boast some of Lena Scissorhands’ most eclectic vocal performances amid ripping pit-worthy metalcore and dazzling electronic passages. Examples of stunning, dynamic songwriting manifest with honest offerings like the impressive “Goodbye”, haunting “Showers” and threatening album closer “Postmortem Pt 2” (shortly advanced by sneaking electro-interlude “Nine, Ten”). The finisher encapsulates the album’s ethereal, immense quality while connecting back to its start like a sonic ouroboros. Produced once again by Voluta Valentin, Ecdysis successfully demonstrates ultramodern brutality without sacrificing emotion and melody – showcasing a new layer of INFECTED RAIN that longtime followers and new fans alike will embrace."


Side A:
01 Postmortem Pt. 1
02 Fighter
03 Longing
04 Goodbye
05 The Realm of Chaos feat. Heidi Shepherd
06 Everlasting Lethargy

Side B:
07 These Walls
08 Showers
09 November
10 Never the Same
11 Nine, Ten
12 Postmortem Pt. 2