Insanity Alert / CD

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Release: 23.03.2018
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Release Date Mar 23, 2018
Genre Crossover
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


INSANITY ALERT take the Thrash Metal scene by storm with their freshing Crossover Thrash Metal. Released by Empire Records in 2014.

Sold out for a long time "Insanity Alert" is available again, rereleased by Season Of Mist.

Crossover Thrash Metal in vain of MUNICIPAL WASTE and D.R.I.

The Austrian Band makes Thrash Metal fun again !!


1. Glorious Thrash
2. The Claw (of All That Is Evil)
3. Zongo Vs. Eyeball
4. Macaroni Maniac
5. F.U.N.
6. Crucified by Zombies
7. Weedgrinder
8. Blunt In / Blunt Out
9. Flamethrower
10. Shit for Brains
11. Twist-Off Betrayal
12. Mankind Eraser (Must Destroy All)
13. Shell-Shocked
14. Arac Attack
15. Run to the Pit