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Release: 24.05.2019
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Release Date May 24, 2019
Genre Speed Metal
Packaging Slipcase
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Slipcase CD

Leathürbitch are a promising new American band skillfully combining glam and speed metal. They were formed in 2015 by founding members Patrick Sandiford (guitars) and Meshach Babcock (drums) and consist of a group of seasoned musicians that have made a name for themselves in the Northwest metal community. Based in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Leathürbitch started with a low budget three-track demo that caught people's attention right away. Since the initial demo tape, the four-piece has recorded a self-titled EP and played several shows in their hometown, as well as Seattle and Chicago.

The release of the band’s five-track debut EP on High Roller Records in 2018 is now followed by »Into The Night«, the first full-length album by Leathürbitch. “Some major similarities between our mini-album and »Into The Night« have to do with their production,” compares singer Joel Stair the first two Leathürbitch records. “We decided to work with the same talented people that made our first release a success (Charlie Koryn and Joel Grind). We also worked with model Breanna Whipple once again for the album photography. A major difference between the two albums is that »Into The Night« has a much ‘bigger’ and sleazier sound. We definitely wanted this album to transcend our first release, and we think that it definitely has. »Into The Night« is definitely Leathürbitch at the next level.” The record contains numbers such as “L.U.S.T.”, “I Want What Yo Got” and “Sleaze City”, some self-explanatory song titles? Joel explains: “’L.U.S.T.’ is our opening introductory heavy hitter that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song title is an acronym for ‘living under shallow temptation’. This is one of the sleaziest songs we've ever written. ‘I Want What You Got’ may sound like a glam metal anthem at first, but this song quickly takes you on a journey through the mind of a deranged man.

This song tells a story of seducing a woman and instead of stealing her heart, you steal her soul. We wanted to add a unique twist on a song that could have otherwise been filled with clichés. ‘Sleaze City’ almost made it onto our mini-album. We wrote this song soon before we recorded our first release, but decided to keep it in the vault for later. This song is about escaping the confines of your boring life and running to the city to have some REAL fun.” Leathürbitch’s very own mixture of glam and speed metal is unique within the confines of the current metal scene. In the past, bands like Bitch, Lizzy Borden and the rather obscure Leather Nun came close to Leathürbitch’s approach but this was way back in the 1980s …”Certainly,” finds Joel Stair. “There really aren't any other bands like Leathürbitch in the Portland metal scene, and we love that. We love that we have something unique to offer at a show.

There are bands out there that share similarities with us, but they are all scattered throughout the entire globe and aren't very common.” The band’s cover artworks are an important factor as well to appeal to metal fans. “Most definitely,” confirms Joel. “We really want our records to stand out and represent a classic dynamic amongst other metal records. Having an elaborate illustration as your album cover is something that is far too common. We hope that when somebody sees our album cover they are somewhat intrigued.” Reactions to the release of the five-track mini-album on High Roller Records have been really good. Did the band expect such warm reactions? “That’s fantastic,” beams Joel Stair. “I would say that the High Roller LP release of our mini-album has been the most popular format. You can't go wrong with vinyl! We were absolutely stoked when High Roller offered to release it on LP.

We are absolutely thrilled to hear about the good reactions from Germany. We are so happy that people enjoy our mini-album and we are incredibly thankful to be working with High Roller Records to continue delivering more music. We are just doing what we love, creating the music that we want to hear!”


01. Into the Night
02. L.U.S.T.
03. I Want What You Got
04. Sleaze City
05. Killing There Silence
06. I’m Insane
07. The Search
08. Killer Instinct