Kill BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 13.03.2020
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Release Date Mar 13, 2020
Genre Death Metal
Color Black
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


Black Vinyl

The simply, aptly and uncompromisingly titled "Kill" is Cannibal Corpse's tenth studio album, which shows the Florida rock as hard, rough and ruthless as never before. The quintet hasn't forgotten anything over the years and once again provides its extremely numerous fans with a neck massacre that 99% of all other genre colleagues will look up in awe before it shreds them to pieces! Cannibal Corpse kill them all!


Side A
01 The Time To Kill Is Now
02 Make Them Suffer
03 Murder Worship
04 Necrosadistic Warnings
05 Five Nails Through The Neck
06 Purification By Fire
07 Death Walking Terror

Side B
08 Barbaric Bludgeonings
09 The Discipline Of Revenge
10 Brain Removal Device
11 Maniacal
12 Submerged In Boiling Flesh
13 Infinite Misery