The Glory And The Fallen - Digipak 3-CD

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Release: 16.02.2024
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Release Date Feb 16, 2024
Genre Symphonic Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 3


Tripple CD package including instrumental and ambient versions of the album tracks.

Canadian Leah has enchanted her fans with her unique and dreamy Celtic fantasy metal. Her fans like to call her the "Enya of metal" and the name actually fits quite well.

With The Glory And The Fallen, the new album will be released in February 2024, which seamlessly builds on the quality of Leah's previous albums.

Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN), Timo Somers (Arjen Lucassen, ex Delain) and Sander Zoer (Delain) were also involved as guest musicians.


CD 1:
1. Archangel
2. No More Fear
3. Unshakable
4. Speak to Me
5. Dream Voyage
6. Revive
7. Little Stars
8. Wings of Time
9. Sleeping Giant
10. Before This War is Over
11. Victory
12. Glow

CD 2:
1. Archangel (Instrumental Version)
2. No More Fear (Instrumental Version)
3. Unshakable (Instrumental Version)
4. Speak to Me (Instrumental Version)
5. Dream Voyage (Instrumental Version)
6. Revive (Instrumental Version)
7. Little Stars (Instrumental Version)
8. Wings of Time (Instrumental Version)
9. Sleeping Giant (Instrumental Version)
10. Before This War is Over (Instrumental Version)
11. Victory (Instrumental Version)
12. Glow (Instrumental Version)

CD 3:
1. Unshakable (Ambient Version)
2. Wings of Time (Ambient Version)
3. Revive (Ambient Version)
4. No More Fear (Ambient Version)
5. Sleeping Giant (Ambient Version)
6. Before This War is Over (Ambient Version)
7. Little Stars (Ambient Version)
8. Glow (Ambient Version)