Legions Of The North CD

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Genre Viking Metal


7th Album from the Swedish Viking Pagan Metallers

The time has come to pick up the shields and sharpen the swords – the legions of the North have set sail to conquer! With their seventh album "Legions of the North", the Swedes MANEGARM deliver a true masterpiece into the living room of Viking/Pagan Metal fans. Hymn-like melodies, folk instruments and raging Black Metal parts turn songs like "Hordes of Hel" or "Sons of War" into breathtaking monuments of heathen musical art. Acoustic guitars, choirs and the violin lend a hymnic-melancholic quality to the songs. Both in their native tongue Swedish and in English, MANEGARM offers a unique atmosphere that takes the listener into the majestic wilderness of Sweden or on the deck of a Viking ship, crossing the rough Sea. "Legions of the North" is a true and authentic album that will also take fans outside of the Viking genre by storm.


01. Arise
02  Legions of the North
03. Eternity Awaits
04. Helvegr
05. Hordes of Hel
06. Tor hjälpe
07. Vigverk
08. Sons of War
09. Echoes From the Past
10. Fallen
11. Forged in fire
12. Raadh