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Release: 10.01.2020
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Release Date Jan 10, 2020
Genre Deutschrock, Neue Deutsche Härte
Packaging Boxset
Number 4


Published as a limited box set included:
-Digipak Album
-T-Shirt (XL)
-autographed card signed by hand

Unherz's 8th album will be released on 10.01.2020 under the name Mainstream. There are 14 songs on the album, which all reflect the typical Unherzcharakter. The songs are, as usual, socio-critical and run like a red thread through the album. You can't believe everything you read; you can't look behind a person's forehead; it's not all gold that shines and above all mainstream isn't always the measure of all things. The songs stand out clearly from the German rock crowd with their rather metallic rhythms, but you are already used to that from Unherz. Of course there is no Unherzalbum without ballad. With life at the limit the personal loss is processed. As usual, there are also some songs you wouldn't have expected on the album. Furthermore they managed to win several guest singers for the album this time.


1. Intro
2. Mainstream
3. Beichtstuhl oder Sündenpfuhl
4. König ohne Krone
5. Schreie in der Nacht

6. Hänsel und der Nachbar

7. Leben am Limit
8. Ihr wisst es nicht
9. Unsere Art

10. Hornhaut am Arsch

11. F.I.F.A.

12. Eigene Legende

13. Drachenflügel

14. Fluch der Zeit

15. Marie