Starbound Stories TRANSLUCENT BLUE LP + 12" Booklet + Record Butler

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Release: 25.08.2023
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Release Date Aug 25, 2023
Genre Power Metal
Color Blue
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 3



This unique Napalm Records Edition is strictly limited to 300 units as a "translucent blue" Vinyl in Gatefold Cover + 24-page Booklet + Record Butler.

"After 12 years with DragonForce, vocalist Marc Hudson presents his first solo album, entitled Starbound Stories, set for release via Napalm Records on August 25, 2023! Starbound Stories is a sparkling, anime-inspired power metal ride, heavily influenced by both Japanese music and video game soundtracks, and featuring a horde of notable guests. 

Instrumental album opener “As The Twilight Met The Sea” acts as an introduction to the soundscapes of the album and features samurai metal master Ryoji Shinomoto (RYUJIN, previously known as Gyze) on traditional Japanese instruments. Shinomoto also lends his vocals on the following track, “Freedom Heart”, which also features a solo by guitar virtuoso Syu (Galneryus). Explosive power metal anthem “Dracula X” features a guitar solo by Jacky Vincent (ex-Falling in Reverse, ex-Cry Venom) and guest vocals by Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires). Beautifully emotional successor “Stars” features classically trained violinist Mia Asano on electric violin. Energetic “The Siren” is led by a tingling melody and ballad-like vocals, while “Astralive” lures with an undeniably catchy chorus whilst also featuring fast drum patterns, spellbinding guitarwork and keys, and skillful power metal vocals that reach for the skies. “Swansong” starts off with a beautiful keyboard intro that could be pulled from a movie soundtrack. Sentimental vocals approach before the song progresses into a full-blown power metal ballad, with high screams and plenty of effects that further enhance the magical atmosphere while backing up the guitars and drums. Steve Terreberry, known on YouTube as Stevie T. (3.32M subscribers), performs a guitar solo on “Call Of The Martyrs” and is joined by prog guitarist Galen Stapley (Azure). Stapley also provides a solo on the following title track, “Starbound Stories”. “One More Sight Of The Sun With You” is sung in Japanese, staying true to the main themes of the album and closing the entire offering on an uplifting note.

Marc Hudson’s debut solo album is an outstanding musical adventure balanced between power metal, video game soundtracks, Japanese music and even pop influences, showcasing virtuosity throughout all of its grand instrumentation."


Side A:
01    As the Twilight met the Sea (feat. Ryoji Shinomoto (Gyze))
02    Freedom Heart (feat. Ryoji Shinomoto (Gyze), Syu)
03    Dracula X! (feat. Jacky Vincent, Adrienne Cowan)
04    Stars (feat. Mia Asano)
05    The Siren    

Side B:
06    Astralive    
07    Swansong    
08    Call of the Martyrs (feat. Galen Stapley, Stevie T.)
09    Starbound Stories (feat. Galen Stapley)
10    One more sight of the sun with You