My Earth Dream

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Genre Symphonic Metal


EDENBRIDGE makes an unforgettable entrance on "My Earth Dream" delivering Symphonic Metal a cut above the rest. Grandiose hymns, driving double bass, and sensual melodies form a homogeneous and complete work. The musical achievement of Lanvall's crew is crowned by the excellent vocal work of Sabine Edelsbacher, who undoubtedly outdoes herself on this release. She understands how to perfectly bring out the nuances of this profound concept album. "My Earth Dream" is a magnificent conglomeration of sweeping and sophisticated epic tracks. Fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation should not not hesitate obtain a copy of this early 2008 highlight!


1. The Force Within
2. Shadowplay
3. Paramount
4. Undying Devotion
5. Adamantine
6. Whale Rider
7. Remember Me
8. Fallen from Grace
9. Place of Higher Power
10. MyEarthDream