Obscene Repressed Cassette Tape

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Release: 17.04.2020
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Release Date Apr 17, 2020
Genre Death Grind, Death Metal
Edition Limited Edition
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Number 1


Tape limited to 150 copes

There it is again, the toughest band in France... and of course we are talking about BENIGHTED !

Julien Truchan and his men have created with "Obscene Repressed" a huge Death Metal monster, which offers only little time to take a breather.

Listen to the first track "Brutus", and you know immediately what you are dealing with ... Pure destruction !!

As guest singers they got Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED), Sebastian Grihm (CYTOTOXIN) and Karsten Jäger (DISBELIEF) on board


1. Obscene Repressed
2. Nails
3. Brutus
4. The Starving Beast (feat. Sebastian Grihm from CYTOTOXIN)
5. Smoke Through the Skull
6. Implore the Negative (feat. Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED)
7. Muzzle
8. Casual Piece of Meat
9. Scarecrow
10. Mom, I Love You the Wrong Way (feat. Karsten Jäger from DISBELIEF)
11. Undivided Dismemberment
12. Bound to Facial Plague