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Release: 02.08.2019
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Release Date Aug 2, 2019
Genre Thrash Metal
Color Red
Edition Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Number 1


On "Open Hostility"; Razor don't sound like any other North American thrash band. On the contrary. While in the early days Motörhead in general and the guitar style of Ravens Mark Gallagher in particular were the greatest source of inspiration for Dave Carlo, Razor already perfected their very own style on their self-produced debut album "Armed and dangerous";. This immortal thrash metal classic (including songs like "Sucker for Punishment";, "Psychopath"; or the anthemic "Iron Legions";) is now available as limited vinyl for the first time via High Roller Records.

Limited to 200 copys


1. In Protest
2. Sucker For Punishment
3. Bad Vibrations
4. Road Gunner
5. Cheers
6. Red Money
7. Free Lunch
8. Iron Legions
9. Mental Torture
10. Psychopath
11. I Disagree
12. End Of The War
13. Tow The Line - Unreleased Track Late 1990
14. Taking The Strain - Unreleased Track Late 1990
15. Violent Propensity Unreleased Track Late 1990
16. Taking The Strain (Instrumental Version) Unreleased Track Late 1990
17. End of The War - Rehearsal with Rob Mills
18. Tow The Line - Instrumental Demo With Programmed Drums
19. Red Money - Instrumental Demo
20. Iron Legions - Instrumental Demo