Oscillation - Digipak CD

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Release: 26.07.2019
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Release Date Jul 26, 2019
Genre Post Rock
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


Ltd. 6-Page Digipak CD

Oh Hiroshima have been working four long years on their third studio album – four intense years that blossomed into Oscillation. In 2019 the Swedes` tools are still abstract guitar work, dreamlike vocals and a hint of Electronica, and this time around none other than Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) delivered the final layer in shape of mastering duties. The seven new soundscapes receive their dynamics from soaring guitars and rather dense song structures (quite unusual in terms of post rock): The result is an album like a beautiful fever dream that holds the listener enthralled for a long, long time.                                                                                                


01. Neu
02. A Handful of Dust
03. Simulacra
04. Moderate Spectre
05. Darkroom Aesthetics
06. In Solar
07. Molnet