Paradox / BLACK 2-LP

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Release: 06.09.2019
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Release Date Sep 6, 2019
Genre Death Metal, Tech Death
Color Black
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Number 2


Black double vinyl.

Resurrected from the ashes of one of the most influential death metal bands of all time, Nocturnus, NOCTURNUS AD was initiated by Nocturnus founder/mastermind/death metal legend Mike Browning (also co-founder of Morbid Angel) to continue the path that was laid down, 28 years later, by the legendary Florida death metal band's seminal 1990 album "The Key".  An album recognized as one of the most important death metal albums of all time.

Technical, dark, atmospheric and occult death metal. This is what NOCTURNUS AD stands for. "Paradox" continues, what ended with "The Key" back in 1990 !!


1. Seizing The Throne
2. The Bandar Sign
3. Paleolithic
4. Precession of The Equinoxes
5. The Antechamber
6. The Return of The Lost Key
7. Apotheosis
8. Aeon of The Ancient Ones
9. Number 9