Portals - Blu-Ray

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Release: 17.09.2021
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Release Date Sep 17, 2021
Genre Prog Metal
Packaging Amaray
Number 1


Following 2018's critically acclaimed studio album Sonder, the band decided to come together in the midst of a global pandemic to present P O R T A L S - a cinematic live experience like no other. The band took livestreams to a new level by interspersing a conceptual storyline into their live performances, which included a colossal and highly spectacular arena-style light show.

TesseracT are a band that moves beyond any genre specificity, pioneers of the ever-evolving rock and metal scene, with an unstoppable force of weird riffs, soaring melodies and disorientating atmospheres. They put all of this into the December 2020 event, where the band performed songs from their entire catalogue. Highlights included "Nocturne" from their 2010 debut EP Concealing Fate, and it continued with "Eden" (One, 2011), "Of Matter" (Altered State, 2013), "Tourniquet" (Polaris, 2015) and "King" (Sonder, 2018), with the entire performance spanning 14 songs over more than two hours.


  1. Of Matter
  2. King
  3. Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3
  4. Tourniquet
  5. Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image
  6. Orbital
  7. Juno
  8. Cages
  9. Dystopia
  10. Phoenix
  11. Nocturne
  12. Eden
  13. Of Energy
  14. Seven Names
  15. P O R T A L S (film)
  16. Behind The Scenes (film)
  17. Smile / The Arrow (Live In The Lockdown)
  18. King (Live In The Lockdown)
  19. Orbital (Live In The Lockdown)
  20. Juno (Live In The Lockdown)