Rising From The Sea - FIRE Splatter Vinyl

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Release: 23.07.2021
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Release Date Jul 23, 2021
Genre Thrash Metal
Color Splattered
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


The re-release of the 1987 classic comes as a transparent ultra clear with red & yellow "fire "splatter vinyl (with a lyric-sheet and a poster).

Limited to 150 copies!

Exumer are one of the living legends of German thrash. After the re-release of their stunning 1986 debut "Possessed By Fire", High Roller Records now give you the opportunity to add their second album to your vinyl collection. "Rising From The Sea" from 1987 was Exumer's last output in full-length format before their split in 1991. Back then it was Paul Arakari who took over vocal duties, but still original singer Mem von Stein has something to say about its importance to Exumer: "The album was quite important because it was our second release and was either going to cement our reputation as one of the serious and up-and-coming thrash bands from Germany or go down." Mem's own favourite song on the album is 'Winds of Death', "but there are a few good songs on the record that we still play live today."
Compared to the debut album 'Possessed By Fire', the band's second output went in a more 'Slayer' sounding direction of thrash with some of the Exumer trademarks and also showed some improved technical aspects in terms of musicianship that 'Possessed By Fire' didn't have as it was a fairly straightforward album. Also in terms of production, "Rising From the Sea" differs from its predecessor in that it is much rougher and a bit more sober.


  1. Winds of death
  2. Rising from the sea
  3. Decimation
  4. The first supper
  5. Unearthed
  6. Shadows of the past
  7. Are you deaf?
  8. I dare you
  9. Ascension day