Rites Of Percussion - CIGAR SMOKE COLOURED Vinyl

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Release: 05.05.2023
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Release Date May 5, 2023
Genre Avantgarde Metal
Color smoke coloured
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The solo debut album from arguably one of contemporary music's most influential, innovative and prolific drummers.

The 13-track collection is the result of a 40-year career in which Lombardo rose to prominence as a co-founder of Slayer, won two GRAMMY Awards, and expanded his repertoire across genres. Born in Havana, Lombardo has collaborated with Mike Patton and Fantômas, critically revered John Zorn, experimental hip-hop artist DJ Spooky and resurgent punk icons The Misfits, among others.

The recording process for the film score-like 'drum album' had a simple mantra: drums had to be drums. Mixed in early 2022 by Lombardo's son David A. Lombardo, the self-produced album features a large concert bass drum, a timpani, a grand piano and a bevy of shakers, maracas, Chinese and symphonic gongs, Native American drums, congas, timbales, bongos, batás, wood blocks, djembes, ibos, darbukas, octobans, cajóns and cymbals.


1. Initiatory Madness
2. Separation from the Sacred
3. Inner Sanctum
4. Journey of the Host
5. Maunder in Liminality
6. Despojo
7. Interfearium
8. Blood Let
9. Warpath
10. Guerrero
11. Vicissitude
12. Omiero
13. Animismo