Road To Perdition - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 25.03.2022
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Release Date Mar 25, 2022
Genre Alternative Metal, Groove Metal
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KEOPS is a Croatian metal band founded in Rijeka. At the very beginning of their career the band participated in the "Ritmi Globali Europei" - festival in Italy with a demo song and won the first prize in the category for the best band.

"Road To Perdition" is the third album of the band. With a new label (NoCut Entertainment) behind them, the band is now on a mission to take the world by storm.


1. Intro
2. Keops
3. Unconsious Mind
4. Road to Perdition
5. Rise Again
6. Restless Waves
7. My Soul Released
8. When I Remember
9. Inside My Head
10. Trauma
11. Cause of you