Apocalypse - SILVER BLACK Marbled Vinyl

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Release: 14.04.2023
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Release Date Apr 14, 2023
Genre Death Metal, Grindcore
Color Marbled
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


The apocalypse is near and the Finnish grindcore band ROTTEN SOUND has created the perfect soundtrack for the imminent extinction of mankind. The band's eighth studio album is aptly titled "Apocalypse" and hits the year 2023 with the same rapid speed and chaotic force as an asteroid hurtling through the atmosphere and destroying everything on impact. Each song delivers abrupt and violent aftershocks that are an auditory assault with their unstoppable, seismic force.


1. Pacify
2. Equality
3. Sharing
4. Apocalypse
5. Suburban Bliss
6. Renewables
7. Newsflash
8. Digital Bliss
9. True and False
10. Denialist
11. Nothingness
12. Fight Back
13. Patriots
14. Ownership
15. Science
16. Empowered
17. Breach
18. Inflation