Port Royal - PICTURE Vinyl

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Release: 16.02.2024
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Release Date Feb 16, 2024
Genre Power Metal
Color Picture
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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Comes as a high quality picture-LP in a sleeve with lyricsheet and a cool poster. Highly collectable, only 500 copies made world wideThe 35 th anniversary of Running Wild’s “Port Royal” as a deluxe Picture-LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide). Comes with an insert and an huge poster of the artwork. German Speed Metal never sounded better!

Running Wild’s fourth studio album, and the second pirate-inspired album, is yet another classic Metal album, and probably even a little better than it’s predecessor “Under Jolly Roger”, though the albums are similar and both awesome Metal. This one is a bit cleaner in sound, production and songwriting. The guitar tone is not that raw anymore, which leaves room for more melody and variety, which is exactly what this album does better than “Under Jolly Roger”. And concerning the production, the bass is also pretty damn loud at times, and extremely kickass.

Basically, “Port Royal” is traditional Heavy Metal with more atmosphere than your general band in the genre, and a whole lot of Speed Metal riffs thrown in, just like on the previous. This one also has its fair share of total winners, just like any Running Wild album. “Port Royal” and “Into The Arena” both have excellent melodic main riffs and extremely catchy vocals, mostly the latter. “Uaschitschun” is extremely atmospheric, and has that extremely powerful chorus that makes it a timeless classic for the band. But the best song on here is the hit “Conquistadores”, which you might remember from the video-clip. One of Running Wild’s best songs ever.

Definitely an essential album in Running Wild’s impressive catalogue of quality Metal.


1. Intro
2. Port Royal
3. Raging Fire
4. Into the Arena
5. Uaschitschun
6. Final Gates
7. Conquistadores
8. Blown to Kingdom Come
9. Warchild
10. Mutiny
11. Calico Jack