Scary Muzak - CD

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Release: 11.01.2022
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Release Date Jan 11, 2022
Genre Dark Ambient
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Scary Muzak, on one hand a homage to Carpenter’s themes – five out of twelve tracks are covers whereas the rest comes from the outer realms – and on the other zooming out on the aesthetics of the late ’70s and early ’80s popular culture. It is perhaps the Norwegians’ most hauntological moment, whirling up themes and moods, horrors and mysteries hidden in the foggy back alleys of your youth. Imagine the gloomy siblings of Les Humphries, Gert Wilden, and their respective orchestras, armed to their teeth with synths, pads, FX. Sometimes classy and chilling, other times amusingly smooth and sleazy, and at times outright beautiful in its suspense-filled vigour, Scary Muzak is an inspired, goblinesque addition to the ever-expanding Ulver catalogue. Interior films, remember?

It’s Halloween, and everyone’s entitled to one good scare.


01. Aleen Howl
02. Ateliers Hume
03. Genet Nightingale
04. Addi Fled Hon
05. Alchemist Salk
06. Boo Sackloth
07. Evil Longbows
08. Club Fuego
09. Achilles Milk
10. Ecm Panorama
11. Redrum Al Brut
12. Rip Brouhaha