Shark Attack - BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 05.03.2021
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Release Date Mar 5, 2021
Genre Thrash Metal
Color Blue
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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Number 1


Blue vinyl limited to 200 copies.

Crossover Thrash masterpiece, finally available again!

A question popular among followers of Thrash Metal is undeniably this, “Which is considered the fastest Thrash Metal album of all time?”. There would be a high percentage of answers supporting “Reign In Blood”, Darkness Descends” or “Pleasure To Kill”. Now here’s a startling reality. Wehrmacht’s debut album makes those albums sound as if they were meant to be listed under progressive Metal. The sheer ferocity of these guys is enough to convince you why they were considered the fastest Heavy Metal band in the underground.


1. Shark Attack
2. Blow You Away
3. S.O.P.
4. Jabberjaw
5. B.O.S. (Barrage of Skankers)
6. United Shoebrothers
7. Concrete Meat
8. Puke
9. Part II.... (Night of Samhain)
10. Anti
11. Napalm Shower
12. Crazy Ways People Die
13. Fretboard Gymnastics
14. Termination