Shem Ha Mephorash | BLACK 2-LP

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Release: 23.08.2019
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Release Date Aug 23, 2019
Genre Black Metal
Color Black
Number 2


Anyone who takes up the challenge of listening attentively to Mephorash at full length will recognize an impressive work in the record, which in many asspects stands alone in the wide corridor. Batushka's groundbreaking first release "Litourgiya"; didn't necessarily surpassed by Mephorash, but on the Swedish's fourth album you get a vivid, multi-layered listening experience, which is much more than just one of many interchangeable products of a temporary fad.


1. King of Kings, Lord of Lords
2. Chant of Golgotha
3. Epitome I: Bottomless Infinite
4. Sanguinem
5. Epitome II: The Amrita of Vile Shapes
6. Relics of Elohim
7. 777: Third Woe
8. Shem Ha Mephorash