Sieg Der Vernunft - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 07.10.2022
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Release Date Oct 7, 2022
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Black
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Number 1


Knorkator have enriched Germany's cultural landscape for over 25 years with humorous, intelligent and powerful music.

Always cross-stylistic, they are now considered a category unto themselves with a large, loyal fanbase. But while they have so far stayed away from all too topical issues, their tenth studio album 'Sieg der Vernunft' is much more biting, committed and topical than its predecessors. It's about the dwindling of our common goals and values, our inability to talk about it and those who profit from it. But don't worry - Knorkator still show great pleasure in unneeded, infantile nonsense in pathetic garb.


1. Die Welt wird nie wieder so, wie sie vorher war
2. Sieg der Vernunft
3. Der Hofstaat
4. Ihr habt gewonnen
5. One way or another
6. Milliardäre
7. Tut uns leid
8. Es lebe der Tod
9. Menschenfleisch
10. Knurrkater
11. Augen zu