Slaves of the Shadow Realm - BLACK LP Gatefold

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Release: 04.01.2019
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Release Date Jan 4, 2019
Genre Black Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover


LEGION OF THE DAMNED "Slaves of the Shadow Realm" - BLACK 180g Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

Genre: Death/Trash/Black Metal

If there is a band that'll break your neck from the sheer force of their music, it must be be LEGION OF THE DAMNED! The Dutch thrash outfit, flirting with death and black metal, unleashes their seventh milestone Slaves of the Shadow Realm. This monster resembles a colossal, smooth and blackened monolith. Four years after the much-praised Ravenous Plague, the shredding four piece returns with “fifth band member” / producer Andy Classen and presents an album that merges the unadulterated fury of the early LOTD years with the sophistication of a veteran band.

‘Nocturnal Commando‘ is a typical old school rager, whereas the brilliant ‘Slaves of the Southern Cross’ is reminiscent of the band’s stoic groovy band classic ‘Into the Eye of the Storm‘ before erupting into ballistic melody infusions. The perfectly balanced ‘Dark Coronation‘ closes an amazingly varied and at the same time catchy beast of an album. Told ya: neckbreakers!


Side A:    
01. The Widow´s Breed
02. Nocturnal Commando
03. Charnel Confession
04. Slaves of the Southern Cross

Side B:    
05. Warhounds of Hades
06. Black Banners in Flames
07. Shadow Realm of the Demonic Mind
08. Palace of Sin
09. Dark Coronation / Outro