Songs Of Grief And Solitude CD

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Release: 01.12.2006
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Release Date Dec 1, 2006
Genre Black Metal


2010 edition with new artwork. DRUDKH’s much sought after fifth masterpiece “Songs of Grief and Solitude” is released anew with carefully restored and remastered sound. The album surprises as a stunning acoustic detour, which reveals the deep Folklore roots of the Ukrainians long before the current trend in the Metal scene. Follow DRUDKH once more on a journey to freedom, self determination and enlightenment cast into a glorious musical shape!



1. "Захід сонця в Карпатах (Sunset in Carpathians)" 2:47

2. "Сльози богів (Tears of Gods)" 8:34

3. "Стародавній танець (Archaic Dance)" 3:28

4. "Чумацький шлях (The Milky Way)" 9:52

5. "Чому буває сумне сонце (Why the Sun Becomes Sad)" 5:45

6. "Журавлі ніколи не повернуться сюди (The Cranes Will Never Return Here)" 3:26

7. "Сивий степ (Grey-Haired Steppe)" 2:08