Spine Of God - BLACK LP Gatefold

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Release: 01.09.2017
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Release Date Sep 1, 2017
Genre Stoner Rock
Color Black
Edition Re-Release
Packaging Gatefold Cover


Limited 180g BLACK Vinyl in gatefold cover

“Reissue of a milestone in the Stoner Rock genre!”

The kings of hard psychedelic rock present “Spine Of God” a re-release of their first studio album. Originally released in 19991, this milestone is the perfect reincarnation of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind. It has already acheived cult status in the Stoner Rock genre.   The album was completely written and produced by singer and mastermind Dave Wyndorf. This re-issue is an absolute must-have for any Stoner / Psychedelic Rock Fan.  




01. Pill Shovel
02. Medicine
03. Nod Scene
04. Black Mastermind
05. Zodiac Lung
06. Spine Of God
07. Snake Dance SIDE B
08. Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
09. Ozium
10. Ozium (Demo Version)