State Of Deception - Deluxe Edition - 3-CD

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Release: 24.06.2022
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Release Date Jun 24, 2022
Genre Prog Metal
Edition Deluxe Edition
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Number 3


This release includes a full package of bonus additional content, from re-recordings of their classic back catalogue, to live material, brand new recordings, and even original demos from the early 90s, complete with new artwork, photographs, and a complete set of lyrics. Not to be missed.

Burn Out, exit at Kamelot, no sign of CONCEPTION for ages.

The chances to see Roy Khan again as the lead singer of a band were not good, but now it's really time. After 23 years, CONCEPTION releases their new studio album, and YES, Roy Khan is on board.

One of the most charismatic singers the metal world has to offer is back ... and neither he nor CONCEPTION have lost any of their skills or class!


CD 1:
1. In Deception
2. Of Raven and Pigs
3. Waywardly Broken
4. No Rewind
5. The Mansion
6. By the Blues
7. Anybody Out There
8. She Dragoon
9. Feather Moves (remastered)

CD 2:
01. Roll The Fire 2.0
02. Silent Crying 2.0
03. Monument In Time
04. Your Own Lullaby (For Matilda)
05. Cry (live)
06. Gethsemane (live)
07. A Virtual Lovestory (live)
08. Reach Out (live)
09. A Million Gods (live)
10. Flow (live)
11. Roll The Fire (original demo)

CD 3:
1. In Deception (instrumental version)
2. Of Raven and Pigs (instrumental version)
3. Waywardly Broken (instrumental version)
4. No Rewind (instrumental version)
5. The Mansion (instrumental version)
6. By the Blues (instrumental version)
7. Anybody Out There (instrumental version)
8. She Dragoon (instrumental version)
9. Feather Moves (remastered) (instrumental version)