Surut - Cassette Tape

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Release: 12.02.2021
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Release Date Feb 12, 2021
Genre Black Metal, Hardcore
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


Cassette tape limited to 100 copies.

Intoxicating, energetic, experimental and emotional Blackened Hardcore/Blackgaze from Tampere, Finland! Harder than nails, colder than winter. Mastered by Dan Swanö.

The story of Surut begins when 5 friends from the city Tampere in Finland decide to join forces and create an angst-ridden which fuses Hardcore,
Shoegaze and contemporary yet varied Metal influences into a hybrid that causes shivers to run down your spine. These current times feed the need
for a special soundtrack and that is just what Surut relentlessly delivers. Intense vocals, uncompromising riffs and rhythms and an overall in-your-face
attitude to make you realize this isn’t a dream but a nightmare! Embrace these songs in the dark nights to come and use them to warm your soul or
leave it cold forever.


1. Vihollinen
2. Nousen
3. Häpeä
4. Palo