Sworn To The Dark - Cassette Tape

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Release: 10.06.2022
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Release Date Jun 10, 2022
Genre Black Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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The longtime label of the Swedish black metal horde WATAIN, Season Of Mist, releases the first 4 albums:

- Rapid Death's Curse (2000)
- Casus Luciferi (2003)
- Sworn To The Dark (2007)
- Lawless Darkness (2010)

As black music cassette. Each limited to 370 pieces in Norelco box with j-card. These are the first tape editions released by Season Of Mist.


1. Legions of the Black Light
2. Satan's Hunger
3. Withershins
4. Storm of the Antichrist
5. The Light That Burns the Sun
6. Sworn to the Dark
7. Underneath the Cenotaph
8. The Serpent's Chalice
9. Darkness and Death
10. Dead but Dreaming
11. Stellarvore