Terranova - ORANGE Vinyl

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Release: 24.06.2022
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Release Date Jun 24, 2022
Genre Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
Color Orange
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


Orange vinyl in gatefold cover limited to 500 copies.

SERENITY and WARKINGS frontman Georg Neuhauser has teamed up with TEMPERANCE guitarist Marco Pastorino to put together a new power metal epic with FALLEN SANTUARY.

The two gentlemen harmonize perfectly with each other, and the result can be heard with "Terranova" abolut.

The charismatic vocals of Neuhauser, the guitar work of Pastorino, the lyrics, the melodies, it just all fits together.


1. Terranova
2. Now And Forever
3. Broken Dreams
4. Rise Against The World
5. To The Top
6. Destiny
7. I Can’t Stay
8. Trail Of Destruction
9. No Rebirth
10. Bound To Our Legacy
11. Wait For Me (Bonustrack Limited)
12. Now And Forever (Instrumental Version)
13. Rise Against The World (Instrumental Version)
14. To The Top (Instrumental Version)