Testimony Of The Ancients - YELLOW IN BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 25.02.2022
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Release Date Feb 25, 2022
Genre Death Metal
Color Multicoloured
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


Yellow in blue vinyl limited to 200 copies.

Remastered rerelease 2017 of PESTILENCE's 3rd studio album "Testimony Of The Ancients"

True Fucking Old School Death Metal. First album without Martin Van Drunen (ASPHYX) on vocals


1. The Secrecies of Horror
2. Bitterness
3. Twisted Truth
4. Darkening
5. Lost Souls
6. Blood
7. Land of Tears
8. Free Us from Temptation
9. Prophetic Revelations
10. Impure
11. Testimony
12. Soulless
13. Presence of the Dead
14. Mindwarp
15. Stigmatized
16. In Sorrow