The Big Easy - Box Set

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Release: 17.03.2023
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Release Date Mar 17, 2023
Genre Hardrock
Color n/a
Packaging Boxset
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Box set limited to 300 copies.

Already the first lines of the new John Diva song "Back In The Days" convey what feeling the band stands for. Spandex pants, youthful recklessness, party mood and full batteries in the Walkman: John Diva & The Rockets Of Love bring the carefree moments of the 80s into the present and make them sound like the new hot shit. And can't we all use a little carefree? John Diva & The Rockets Of Love stand for fat parties, passionate stage shows stage shows, but also for liberal messages in their lyrics. Bullshit? No way. So the five musicians give the genre-usual sexism in their lyrics a clear rebuff, for example in songs like "Boys Don't Play With Dolls". "With us, everyone is welcome and appreciated," frontman John Diva makes clear. Good thing. Because I think we can all use a little carefree attitude.


1. California Rhapsody
2. The Big Easy
3. God Made Radio
4. Runaway Train
5. Thunder
6. Believe
7. Back In The Days
8. Hit And Run
9. Boys Don’t Play With Dolls
10. The Limit Is The Sky
11. Capri Style
12. Wild At Heart