The Feast Begins At Dawn / 2-CD

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Release: 25.01.2019
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Release Date Jan 25, 2019
Genre Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Number 2


Fully remastered editon of DEAD HEAD's debutalbum "The Feast Begins At Dawn" from 1991.

Including a second disc with lots of demo material.


CD 1: (The Feast Begins At Dawn, remastered album)
1. Untergang Des Abendlandes
2. Saved by Science
3. Desolated By The Shining
4. In Your Room
5. Below The Earth
6. Slay Your Kind
7. Rites Of Kandar
8. The Tribulation
9. Pesticide
10. The Festering
11. From Belial
12. The Feast Begins At Dawn

CD 2: (Bonus Demo CD)
The Festering Demo
1. The Festering
2. In Your Room
3. The Tribulation
4. Sawn In Two (Hooks Of Hemorrhage)
5. From Belial
6. From Belial (Reprise)

Metal In Rocks II
7. I Tormentor
8. Rites Of Kandar

Label Demo
9. Slay Your Kind
10. Desolated By The Shining
11. The Feast Begins At Dawn

From Belial Demo
12. The Wicked
13. The Road Not Taken
14. The Tribulation
15. Sawn In Two (Hooks Of Hemorrhage)