The Inexorable - Music Tape

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Release: 14.07.2023
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Release Date Jul 14, 2023
Genre Black Metal, Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging Slipcase
Number 1


The complete catalog of the blackened death metal band ANGELCORPSE, consisting of the studio albums: Hammer of Gods (1996), Exterminate (1998), The Inexorable (1999) and "Of Luciver And Lightning" the live album: Death Dragons of the Apocalypse (2002) and the compilation: Iron, Blood & Blaphsemy (2001) will be released in July 2023 as limited tape editions.

Each tape is limited to 100 copies with revised layout and slipcase.


1. Stormgods Unbound
2. Smoldering in Exile
3. Reaver
4. Wolflust
5. As Predator to Prey
6. Solar Wills
7. Begotten (Through Blood & Flame)
8. The Fall of the Idols of Flesh