The Optimist Blu-Ray

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Release: 09.06.2017
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Release Date Jun 9, 2017
Genre Prog Rock
Packaging Amaray


Anathema's long - awaited follow - up to "Distant Satellites".

Recorded over the winter with producer Tony Doogan, with inavalubable influence by Doogan.
He suggested to record the album live, by that way Anathema were able to catch that live - feeling.
The Idea behind "The Optimist" came, as Cavanagh looked at the 2001 release "A Fine Day To Exit".
Daniel decided to write a narrative and used the picture as starting point, so this makes the album semi - autobiographical.

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01. 32.63N 117.14W
02. Leaving It Behind
03. Endless Ways
04. The Optimist
05. San Francisco
06. Springfield
07. Ghosts
08. Can’t Let Go
09. Close Your Eyes
10. Wildfires
11. Back To The Start