The Order Of Amenti / O-Card CD

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Release: 09.02.2018
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Release Date Feb 9, 2018
Genre Death Metal
Packaging Slipcase


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The idea of a Brutal/'Technical Death Metal band using the lyrical theme about egyptian history/mythology is not new. NILE started this concept in 1993. But what could be more authentic if a band using this concept which is actually from Egypt?

"The Order Of Amenti" is the second album by the Death Metal from Cairo. Pure Death Metal in vain of NILE or BEHEMOTH.


1. Reciting Spells to Mutilate Apophis
2. Sons of Monthu
3. Obscuring the Light
4. Through the Scars of Horus
5. The Will of Amon-Ra
6. Beyond the Path of Amenti
7. The Twelfth Gate
8. In the Name of Osiris