The Triumph Of Piracy CD

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Release: 09.02.2018
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Release Date Feb 9, 2018
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


Jewel Case CD

Free all of the gun barrels and light them up!

The pirate metal-ravagers of RUMAHOY fire off their debut "The Triumph Of Piracy" into the seven seas. Bustling Pagan Metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation. Beware of dancing peg legs when Captain Yarrface asks for a fervent "Forest Party” and hook into each other and sway to and fro until your parrot goes overboard. RUMAHOY produce melodies that run like the swell of stormy seas. The rough and rugged chants of their sea chanties will have you shivering. If pirates can sing about "Netflix and Yarr” you can sing along as well with Rumahoy. Believe it or not: Pirates are real. And you cannot escape.

The ocean's finest devils are off to get you landlubbers. And they will! 





01. AHOY!
02. Quest for Heritage
03. Forest Party
04. The Haitian Slam
05. Huffman, the Pirate King
06. Kill the Trolls
07. Netflix and Yarr
08. Pirateship
09. The Triumph of Piracy