The Witchhunt - CD

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Release: 23.09.2022
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Release Date Sep 23, 2022
Genre Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Master is back with “The Witch Hunt”! another Death metal milestone, build their own monument to the next level!

One thing we always understand when engaging Master is that we will always get the same high quality of music. What you do come to expect (and always receive) is a well-constructed and integral release with music that really sums up death metal goodness. “The Witchhunt” is a welcome addition to the long list of musical lessons main man Paul Speckmann has to teach.

After the more than solid effort in “The New Elite”, Speckmann still manages to incite and ignite the inner consciousness by delving into the political, social, and mental arenas with all of the subtly of a swarm of Asian hornets. A fine element attributed to every Master release is the heavy, thick sound that manages to suffocate the willing listener. Musically, Master creates some old-school Chicagostyle metal music that sort of harkens back to the early 80’s traditional brand with a little more kick to the throat. With the last few records, Master calls upon the death, speed, traditional and thrash genres with such careful perfection that fans of any of the aforementioned areas would most likely dig them.

“The Witchhunt”, as usual, tackles everything from cretins occupying space in governmental positions of power (“Remove the Clowns”) to the overwhelming, subjugating feelings of suicide (“Another Suicide”). He’s never shied away from painting such brutal truths on everyday canvases that any awakened mind can employ and ingest. “The Witchhunt” provides a full-on aggressive look at the workings of the world around us and calls out the imperfections and flat-out wrongs orchestrated on a blinded, oblivious herd.


1. Subdue The Politician
2. Fiction Soon Becomes Reality
3. Face Your Fear
4. Just Be Yourself
5. Just Take My Right Arm
6. An Epiphany Of Hate
7. It’s Clearly Eden
8. The People Of The Damned
9. Senses All Will Be Controlled
10. Red Alert
11. Murderous Insights
12. The Face Of Independence