Vagabonds Of The Western World - Deluxe Vinyl Box

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Release: 17.11.2023
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Release Date Nov 17, 2023
Genre Hardrock
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging Boxset
Number 4


The Thin Lizzy album "Vagabonds Of The Western World" was released exactly half a century ago, in 1973.

It was supposed to be the last album with the original guitarist Eric Bell.

On the 50th Anniversary Edition there is a lot of meterial that has never been released before like radio sessions and other rare music. Rare photos and extensive notes by Mark Blake are available in a hardcover book which is included in the deluxe 4-vinyl and 3-CD+BluRay version.


LP 1:
1. Mama Nature Said
2. The Hero And The Madman
3. Slow Blues
4. The Rocker
5. Vagabond Of The Western World
6. Little Girl In Bloom
7. Creep Up On You
8. A Song For While I'm Away

LP 2:
1. Whiskey In The Jar (John Peel Session)
2. Suicide (John Peel Session)
3. Black Boys On The Corner (John Peel Session)
4. Vagabonds of the Western World (John Peel Session)
5. Little Girl in Bloom (John Peel Session)
6. Gonna Creep Up On You (John Peel Session)

LP 3:
1. Randolphs Tango (John Peel Session)
2. The Rocker (John Peel Session)
3. Slow Blues (John Peel Session)
4. Randolphs Tango (Bob Harris Session)
5. Little Girl in Bloom (Bob Harris Session)
6. The Rocker (Bob Harris Session)

LP 4:
1. The Rocker (Radio One In Concert)
2. Thing's Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm (Radio One In Concert)
3, Slow Blues (Radio One In Concert)
4. Gonna Creep Up On You (Radio One In Concert)
5. Suicide (Radio One In Concert)